GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Doctor Barbara Zind remains stranded in Gaza amidst increasing violence. She was sheltered at her second U.N. compound when a severe food and water shortage forced her to relocate yet again. She moved from the compound, near the Rafah border, to what is hopefully a more safe location.

Dr. Paul Preston, Zind’s husband, tells WesternSlopeNow Zind traveled with 8 others, including 4 Americans, to a nearby clinic and kindergarten center closer to the border of Egypt. At her new location, Zind has been sleeping inside on a mat.

Dr. Preston communicates with Zind through texts, when she can charge her phone. Zind has been charging her phone when the clinic turns on their generator.

Dr. Preston continues to urge locals to contact senators Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper on Zind’s behalf, hoping they can get her home soon. Still, he says, it is getting increasingly frustrating.

Preston did hear from officials with Senator John Hickenlooper’s office, who told them they are briefed on the situation daily and for now, nothing new is happening to free trapped Americans.

WesternSlopeNow was able to contact Dr. Zind directly. At one point, she and others were down to two days worth of food rations. Now, they have food for maybe another week, but she says stores will likely be empty by the time that food runs out. Zind was able to tell WesternSlopeNow she’s in a deconflicted building and lucky to have a place with potable water from desalination. Zind is now waiting for Israel and Hamas to agree on a safe corridor and for Egypt to let them cross the border.