Election Cybersecurity by Colorado National Guard


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – Colorado’s primary election is coming up on Tuesday and voters may feel more at ease because the Colorado National Guard will be assisting with election cybersecurity.

Governor Jared Polis signed the Executive Order last week, activating the Colorado National Guard Defensive Operations Element.

The team will provide another layer of protection for critical election infrastructure and ensure secure election systems for voters.

Captain Reece Watkins with the Colorado National Guard emphasized the importance of keeping voter information protected.

“Colorado is one of the states that you get to register and vote in the same day and there are systems that are enabling that to happen, it’s got to be real-time efficient and everything like that so it’s got to be secure,” said CPT. Watkins, “The closer and closer we get to a fully electronic and automated election system, it’s more important and crucial to protect those systems.”

The Executive Order emphasized the importance of upholding public confidence in our election system.

Up to six members from the Defensive Cyber Operations Element will be activated under the mandate.

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