Fentanyl. Just one pill can kill an adult, and a kilogram can kill 500,000 people. Now, imagine how the damage more than 11 kilos can do, but won’t because of a traffic stop leading to the largest fentanyl seizure in Mesa County history.

In the driver seat of that blue ford Taurus stopped on Interstate 70 May 10th just before 10pm was 24-year old Ramon Cesena-Valdez and in the backseat next to drugs officials say sat an 8-year-old child.

Cesena-Valdez is facing illegal possession and distribution charges of multiple drugs and child abuse, but the preliminary hearing is delayed until July because the defense is not ready.

Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein says this bust is part of a major operation to stop the deadly flow of fentanyl into the Grand Valley. Rubinstein says the record-breaking bust was part of a drug re-supply mission from Denver after one of the drug operation’s stash houses in Grand Junction was running low. That stash house in the 800 block of Chipeta Avenue was also hit by law enforcement earlier that day and inside they found another 7,500 fentanyl pills and 40 grams of meth.

Officers arrested 26-year-old Raul Lizarraga on site. But, the Grand Junction drug task force and partner agencies didn’t stop there.

Authorities stormed another stash house in Denver and retrieved a mind blowing 200,000 fentanyl pills and another 200 pounds of meth after employing an informant to make the pick up.

The preliminary hearing for Cesena-Valdez is slated for July 3.