FRUITA, Colo. (KREX) — 12 fifth graders at Monument Ridge Elementary School’s gifted and talented class take the win with what they call “Sports Bounce”. The original idea started with the concept of cornhole but ideas jumped to make the game as inclusive with items from various sports.

The 12 students had a handful of meetings to create the game but none of them thought they would make it this far and others would enjoy it this much.

“We kinda wanted it to be a good mix of kind of difficult to do but also really fun and engaging, to keep doing over and over again,” Fifth Grader Claire shares, “It’s kind of crazy to think about it that just this little game we made it gonna be played by so many people.”

For making the game and winning the competition, the fifth graders won one thousand dollars towards new P.E. equipment that the District 51 Foundation matched, doubling the total.

“Sports Bounce” will be a featured booth at the Grand Junction Lions Club carnival hosted by the masterminds themselves on February 19.