Fireworks for Sale, Not for Setting Off


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – Although you can still purchase fireworks, you won’t be able to use them during your 4th of July celebrations this weekend.

“When stage one restrictions are lifted, you’re welcome to use them,” said Dirk Clingman with the Grand Junction Fire Department.

Setting off fireworks won’t be permitted in Grand Junction this 4th of July.

“Leave the fireworks to the professionals this year,” said James Fuller, a safety expert with TNT Fireworks, “just the smallest spark can create a wildfire or a brushfire, they can create damage to homes, damage to property and damage to livestock and animals.”

“This is an opportunity to act responsibly and really prevent an unfortunate brush or wild land fire from starting,” said Clingman.

Fireworks aren’t the only risk for wildfires.

“Outdoor barbecues or cooking in any exterior fire pits or burn bowls, we need to make sure we’re using them very safely,” said Clingman, “just one little spark can unfortunately lead to a very large wild land fire during these conditions.”

This year, the Western Slope has had a higher than average number of red flag days, “which is based again on weather conditions when it’s really windy it’s really hot and there’s low humidity,” said Clingman.

The bottom line when it comes to bombs bursting in air, “you can still purchase them, we’re just asking that you store them safely and wait a little bit until you actually use those fireworks,” said Clingman.

“Some years, we just have to understand that fireworks aren’t going to be the right solution, the right opportunity for celebration you’ll just have to stick to barbecues and beer this year,” said Fuller.

In the state of Colorado, no one under the age of 15 can be in possession of fireworks. And of course, fireworks are not permitted in state and national parks.

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