Gas shortage on East Coast unlikely to happen in Western Colorado


For Colorado, gas prices are on the rise based on supply and demand. Backups happen at gas stations locally but everyone is able to get pumped up.

As cross country travel revs up, some drivers are grateful to have anything they can get.

“I read about the gas prices across the United States, especially the East Coast. My cousin in South Carolina warned me about it,” Jack Kranchick shares, “So as each stop comes by, I’ll fill up and get 10 gallons, eight gallons, just to make sure that I make it from Pennsylvania to Las Vegas for my 50th wedding anniversary.”

Gas stations like Golden Gate have no worries on any future shortage on fuel because they make their own gas locally through a splitter. According to Grand Junction City Officials, Mesa County, in general, is not set up for anyone to be set back at the gas pump.

“The fuel we get, particularly in the Western Slope, most of it is rail-trucked in so we don’t really have a big pipeline that supplies a direct flow to us,” Tim Barker informs, “As far as a shortage like that goes, I don’t for see that happening.”

Resources like GasBuddy are made to help drivers track and find fuel availability nearby. If you’re wanting your gas to last an extra mile down the road, local gas engineers’ top tip is to not idle your car.

The U.S. Safety Consumer Product Commission also tweets out a reminder that gas does not belong in plastic bags.

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