GJ City Lobbies New Legislators for State Representation

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – Grand Junction City Council convened with Mesa County’s newly elected State House legislators for the first time to discuss the city’s hopes for their upcoming term.

Dan Thurlow and Yeulin Willett will both be freshman in the upcoming Colorado General Assembly. They won their seats during the November midterm election for House Districts 55 and 54 respectively. Together they will be representing all of Mesa County and parts of Delta County in Denver.

“I think that there are some particularly very metro area legislators that aren’t particularly mindful of Grand Junction or the Western Slope,” said Willett.

Both Thurlow and Willett said they are open to working closely with the Republican leaning City Council.

“What I would hope in my term in the legislature is rolling back some of those [state] government powers,” said Thurlow.

The city requested that the legislators continue previous work of protecting liberties and freedoms granted to the city. Fiscally, councilors asked the legislators to continue to fight for Grand Junction’s state funding received from energy impact grants. Governmentally, they asked for continued home rule of Grand Junction in a manner independent from the state. And developmentally, the council asked to repeal a senate bill prohibiting the city from supplying broadband as a public utility.

The next legislative session begins on Jan. 7.

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