Glacier Ice Arena remains an ice rink under new ownership


Grand Junction, Colo- The Glacier Ice Arena has been valuable to the community since its opening in 2006. Without it the CMU hockey club wouldn’t exist.

“It’s that simple,” Tim Winegard expresses, “You can’t swim without a pool, you can’t play hockey without a rink.”

Many ice sport clubs called Glacier Arena home. The arena has been a staple in the Grand Valley. without it the community wouldn’t be the same.

“We get 700 to 800 fans at a game on average, half would be community members and the other half students,” Winegard informs, “You know we’ve done sled hockey for disabled veterans, and coat drives for District 51. It would be a huge loss for everybody.”

The goal of the Glacier Arena is to grow ice skating and related sports in Western Colorado and the new owner, Ice Time LLC plans to do the same.
“We realize what an ice rink can do for a city,” Robbie Koos says, “You know its an investment into the city and an investment into the community and the people that live in the community.”

The Glacier Ice Arena is already known for it’s wide variety of ice sports. The new owner plans to continue that tradition.
“We are thrilled that buyers have stepped forward and decided to purchase the rink and keep it as an ice rink,” Koos explains, “They know the importance of what an ice rink can do and be for a community.”

Ice Time LLC will make a formal announcement about the purchase as soon as next week, once they hire a management team.

“We are just excited as I said to get back on the ice and be apart of the game and play the game that we all love,” Wineguard says.

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