Russ Pappas who we’re sad to say after more than three years with all of us here at KREX has chosen to move on to his next adventure. Here’s a quick look back at when Russ first came to KREX.

Russ has made a legion of friends and fans during his time here in the Grand Valley. Every single week, many of you call, send us letters, emails, weather photos or videos and a few even bake Russ cookies.
He doesn’t just talk about the weather, Russ invests a lot of time in our local peach orchards and spends weekends meeting hundreds of Palisade tourists. He’s an excellent tour guide.

We know he’ll miss you and our valley and we will certainly miss Russ and his always radiant personality even those long locks which you should know he grew to donate to locks of love. Russ we wish you only the grandest of adventures ahead!