GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — City elections are approaching quickly, and some residents may have already received their ballot in the mail. Today, election officials geared up for the 2023 election at city hall.

Today election officials were trained on the tabulator machines used to tally votes.

City officials were proud to show off the security cameras. The cameras have been or are being installed in all six of the ballot locations.

The camera inside the counting room is currently recording and has been since officials began outfitting the room with election equipment. According to officials, the camera will record the entire voting process, and the video will be available in city archives for 26 months after the election.

City officials went through a “dry run” with sample ballots today.

When the ballots go through the tabulators, trained judges have an opportunity to make judgments regarding what they’re seeing in reports coming from the machines.

It’s important to note there are three blanks on the ballot that need to be filled out for your vote to count this year. In the three blanks, you’ll need to include;

  • Your name in black or blue ink
  • Your signature
  • The date

Ballot drop-off locations can be found on the Grand Junction city website.

The election is scheduled for April 4th with a drop-off deadline of 7 p.m.