GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — The idea behind regenerative agriculture is to use natural cycles to keep land healthy. That’s why the city of Grand Junction just put goats on its payroll to do what goats do best.

City of Grand junction open space supervisor Rob Davis told KREX that this is a new kind of venture for the city. The first step was to find a local goat herd and modern-day goatherders to get to work. Garrett and Chelsea River answered the call. Their goats are now eating their way through the brush by the river, bit by bit. Some of that brush may even surprise you since the goats love to eat off of the notoriously thorny Russian olive trees.

Goats’ digestive process is a far better way of dealing with plants than weed whacking. While cutting the vegetation actually spreads seeds, the goat’s stomachs actually eliminate seed germination, destroying it. Then, as it comes out on the back end of the goat that’s actually a positive fertilizer for the land. It also eliminates spraying toxic chemicals near the water. The city hopes this fresh strategy for managing vegetation here in grand junction, will continue to grow in future years.