CLIFTON, Colo. (KREX) — It’s a new year and time for a new pool of grant recipients for the Grand Junction Lions Club. Local lions choose 13 organizations to donate a sum of money for their projects and Lions Club President Dan Sites says it takes time to pick.

“This year, we had just under $1 million worth of requests,” Grand Junction Lions Club President Dan Sites shares, “We go through those and we pick the top request that we believe we’re going to do the most good for the most people and so everything we find is going to be tangible goods that you’ll be able to see in effect in our community for a long time.”

Clifton Christian Church Food Bank is getting 25 thousand dollars, which boosts its expansion project.

“I was very surprised, I was very blessed and honored.” Clifton Christian Church Food Bank Executive Director Jackie Feaster exclaims. “We also were able to do the announcements here at the food bank which was super exciting. We may also be looking at getting a new walk-in cooler that is larger so that we can take care of our perishable food better.”

Grant funds depend on raffle tickets sold along with support of the Grand Junction Lions Club’s annual carnival. There is a short amount of time to get the money and this year’s raffle has some major support locally.

“Perri’s Powersports donated to CFMoto four-wheeler for us and, thanks so much to them and other sponsors, we’ve got a little over $30,000 worth of raffle prizes, ” Sites reveals.

Raffle tickets go on sale January 4.

“The money cannot be given to all of our community, as it has for years and years, without the carnival selling tickets so you need to go find your local lion and get some tickets,” Feaster promotes.

“If you see anybody wearing a button like this, you can buy tickets and you can help us find these good causes by buying raffle tickets,” Sites explains.

Grand Junction Lions Club members will sell tickets right up to the carnival and raffle at the Two Rivers Convention Center on Saturday February 19.

The Grand Junction Lions Club congratulates all grant recipients selected for 2022.