GRAND JUNCTION, Colo (KREX) — The Grand Junction City Council has a long-standing history of support for community non-profit organizations. If you have a non-profit or are looking to start one, the city wants you to know its yearly non-profit funding request process for 2023 is now open.

Requests are now broken into two tiers based on the amount requested.

Tier 1 includes requests for $50,000 or less and Tier 2 includes requests greater than $50,000. The tier 1 request form requires a one-page description of the project and how it aligns with the city’s strategic priorities. Tier 2 requests will require a minimum of two and maximum of three pages to describe your project and how it aligns with the city’s priorities. Tier 2 requests may also require a presentation to council.

The city will evaluate all funding requests based on their alignment with strategic priorities — and funding decisions will be prioritized according to available resources. Funding requests are due by August 17.

For more information on the non-profit funding request or to submit your request, click here.