Grand Junction: One Of The Best Small Cities To Start A Business


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Copeka Coffee is a coffee shop in Grand Junction, owned by two women, Jana Joramo and Kyra Rossier. They say the popularity of their business is mostly due to word of mouth.
“It was slow at first and that was helpful because what we do is craft coffee, and we wanted to get good at what we’re doing because it takes a lot of practice,” says Joramo.
The word of mouth advertising method works uniquely well in a smaller city like Grand Junction, which is ranked 43rd in business friendliness, according to a study by personal finance website WalletHub.
“I think Grand Junction is one of those places where people are excited to see people they know, doing something interesting,” says Kyra Rossier, one of the co-owners of Copeka.
“Colorado is an exceptionally good place to start a business, we have a good support network, and Grand Junction has been working on this for years,” says John Maraschin of the Grand Junction Business Incubator Center.
He says the location of the city, the strong leadership, and organizations like theirs all make Grand Junction a great place to start a business.
“There’s a lot of really good pieces here and so we’ve been a good place to start a business because of that, and it just gets better and better over time.”And While the owners of Copeka don’t disagree, Rossier says what keeps their business thriving, is the soul of the city.
“We have both urban and rural characteristics, and those rural characteristics are very much about neighborly-ness and being connected to people you know.”

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