Grand Junction Regional Airport named Colorado’s Airport of the Year


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo – The Grand Junction Regional Airport is recognized for its nonstop contributions to air transportation. The Colorado Department of Transportation picks GJT as airport of the year, from values thriving to provide a safe and efficient travel system.

GJT’s administration sees the award as a statement on the team’s group effort.

“Being awarded airport of the year as a reflection of the hard work of staff is a reflection of the thriving community and it’s a reflection of a vibrant board to the airport authority is governed by a Board of Directors of the county,” Angela Padalecki describes, “They just such a good job setting vision for this airport that staff can follow and really from the airport of the last five years or so.”

GJT is the largest airport on the western slope and third-largest statewide.

“I think they’re really two major factors that probably tip the scale.” Angela Padalecki continues, “One is that we have seen tremendous air service growth here and that’s thanks to a community that will use new service on airlines when added.”

Multiple construction projects are in progress now to keep its facility up to date.

“Every service that comes on board with this airport is meant to serve the public and every passenger,” Cora Dickey adds, “Having the plaque shows that the contributions made here are being recognized on a state level.”

There are national employee shortages at airports, but GJT doesn’t have that flight risk in any department. Even without shortages, GJT is hiring to prepare for travel’s biggest summer starting with ten positions for TSA.

“We want to make sure that we’re fully ready we know when our checkpoint is fully staffed, that our operations will be the most efficient,” Lorie Danker states, “It’s best for the travel security checkpoint get through quickly.”

Being fully staffed doesn’t stop there. GJT’s administration share how other organizations are hiring within the airport, expressing this summer is the perfect opportunity to check in.

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