Grand Junction Regional Airport Weighs Options For Unfinished Building


Could BLM Occupy Airport's Eyesore


The Grand Junction Regional Airport wants to make a decision on what to do with an unfinished building by the end of the year.

The would-be administration building has sat empty and unfinished since 2013. The FAA pulled funding on the project after The FBI raided the airport investigating alleged fraud. But before federal funding was taken away, Grand Junction Regional Airport had spent nearly $4,000,000 on the project. Since then it has sat empty.

Airport officials say, it’s time to move on. They are now weighing their options. It would cost approximately $900,000 to demolish the building entirely. To finish the building? $9,500,000. The airport says they don’t have that kind of money to spend on the building. Other options remain.

They have looked into the possibility of finishing part of the building and using it as storage. Another option is only finishing a couple stories. But recently another option has come into focus.

The Bureau of Land Management is moving its headquarters to Grand Junction. The Airport is open, and wanting to discuss the possibility of moving the BLM’s central operation to the abandoned building.

Talks have not yet started to gauge the agency’s willingness to use the possible office space. But, before the airport goes through with the option of tearing the building down, they want to explore all possible avenues.

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