GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX)- As a new airline, Avelo wants business to soar by allowing people to pay less and travel more. This new flight connects Grand Junction to the Los Angeles area through a not-as-packed airport that makes travelling worth the trip.

One of the most important things with making air service accessible is using it. Airport officials are literally on board with moving forward with Avelo, starting with taking the first flight.

“Being connected to the Burbank airport is a huge connection for us,” Grand Junction Airport Director Angela Padalecki expresses, “People in Burbank are used to having this incredible travel experience from their airport. We wanna make sure that they have that, an equally good experience, here in Grand Junction and we just like to see what our peer airports are doing so that we can keep up and make sure that we’re making the community proud.”

Avelo is scheduled to go in and out of Grand Junction four times a week with many seats booked. Grand Junction’s airport receives more travel to and from the L.A. area than anywhere else.

As travel rises for the Grand Valley, there’s something else to consider while packing your carry-on.

“We’re actually asking, in the month of May, folks arrive to the airport 20 minutes earlier than they normally do, just to make sure if they get here and there’s a longer than usual wait time at the TSA checkpoint, and they don’t end up missing their flight” Angela Padalecki shares, “It’s an all-hands-on-deck exercise right now with our stakeholders like the TSA and the airlines as we welcome more and more passengers to the airport every day.”

Just like every flight right now, wearing a mask is still required for air travel. If you want to book your “Hello, Avelo” flight, the $19 everyday rate offer is still active.