Grand Valley celebrates Independence Day in multiple ways


A patriotic beat pounds hard for Independence Day during Grand Junction’s Fourth of July parade. Through a community effort, the crowd gets a sight to see, looking forward to some classic favorites on the holiday.

“I have family in town right now, so we all decided to wake up and come together but they usually come every Fourth of July,” Hayley Hatch expresses, “I like whenever they have all the old vets come through, we can tell them thanks for serving our country.”

Festivities spangle throughout the Fourth of July like stars on the American flag, but starting Independence Day with a parade is just one way to go.

“When it comes to celebrating Independence Day there are many ways people can do to honor the red white and blue; whether it’s waving the flag at a parade or watching a flag get planted on the Colorado National Monument,” Cora Dickey reports.

Mesa County Search and Rescue volunteers climb Independence Monument with members of the Sheriff’s Office to raise the American flag.

The thrill of the climb stays fresh every year, as people get thrilled from watching it all the way to the top. With 31 climbs down, viewers see a tradition in this just like barbecue and fireworks.

“This is unique, this is worth seeing, I think,” Brian Stone shares, “Nobody sang any patriotic songs, that might’ve been cool but, maybe, I’ll start that next year.”

No matter the event, people celebrate the country’s independence and America the beautiful.

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