School Illness Continues

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Another school is closing due to illness. Juniper Ridge Community School announced it will close until December 2nd.

Rocky mountain elementary school will also be closed Wednesday, marking the 3rd District 51 school closure related to an unknown illness.

Mount Garfield Middle School was once again closed today after sending students home early on Monday.

This comes following closures at Palisade High School Thursday and Friday of last week.

Mesa County Health still doesn’t know exactly what the illness is that’s sweeping through the Grand Valley, but they have said it’s a gastrointestinal virus that shares many similarities with the norovirus.

There are two simple steps you can take to keep from catching the virus, and to keep it from spreading. Step one is to clean all surfaces with disinfectant that says it’s effective against gastrointestinal viruses like the norovirus, and step two is to stay home for 2-3 days if you feel ill.

For more information on how to prevent this illness, and how to keep it from spreading further visit the website at the following link:

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