The Colorado Gratitude Project is Colorado’s way to say thank you to our healthcare and frontline workers for taking care of the community and our loved ones through this difficult pandemic.

For the project — Healthier Colorado and St. Mary’s Medical partnered to create the “Thank you” event held earlier yesterday at the St. Mary’s Medical.

Khira Isaacs was there and spoke with local officials and health care providers for their thoughts on the event where the attention was all positive and all on them.

“Right now, we’re in somewhat of an awkward phase in the pandemic going through starts and stops — we’re still in it,” says Jake Williams, CEO of Healthier Colorado.

Amid a global pandemic unlike any we’ve seen, it has become clearer than ever just how important our healthcare workers are.

We depend on them to care for us when we’re sick or injured, and sometimes we take for granted they will always be there to lend aid when it’s needed. There have been coatless stories of nurses and other frontline healthcare workers going to extraordinary lengths to fulfill their calling — through the Colorado Gratitude Project, healthcare workers feel the appreciation.

“Our healthcare workers are often unsung heroes. People don’t see the work they do everyday until they’re in a hospital which is a rare place people want to be and so taking the opportunity to come out and say thank you to a very compassionate group of individuals who are there to take care of us whenever its necessary is an important function that should be done more often,” says the President of Intermountain Healthcare, Bryan Johnson.

With COVID-19 cases rapidly increasing throughout the summer, concerns regarding not having enough healthcare workers to care for sick patients grew. In fact, a source from Health System Tracker says between February 2020 and November 2021, the unemployment national average for healthcare providers increased from 2.3% to 3% due to ‘job quitting’ — also recognized as the Great Resignation. In Colorado, the average is 1.2%.

“We need them, not just now but well into the future because our lives depend on their service,” continues Williams of Healthier Colorado.

Healthcare Workers are views as heroes not just because of their chosen profession, but because of the commitment, loyalty, responsibility, duty, and honor with which they approach their jobs — even as the pandemic continues.

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