GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — On Thursday night, the historic Hotel Melrose hosted its grand reopening, after undergoing major renovations.

Danielle Zimmerman, co-owner of Fort + Home with her husband Jeff, jumped at the opportunity to renovate the Hotel Melrose. Both Danielle and Jeff went to Colorado Mesa University and told WesternSlopeNow they wanted to add new, modern features while maintaining the Hotel Melrose’s history.

The Hotel Melrose was originally opened in 1908 by immigrants William and Charlotte Ponsford and is the sole survivor of the twelve original buildings in the area.

Danielle Zimmerman was the mastermind behind the new design and with the help of interior designer Erin Lutz, the two revitalized the antique hotel.

New guests will be welcomed starting on Nov. 1, when the Hotel Melrose officially opens.