The election isn’t over yet! Brandi Bantz at the Election Office told KREX, “All these results are unofficial. Until the canvass board actually signs off on our election.” But initial counts are coming to a close. After a couple of very long days, the election judges have gone home. We asked Brandi what a day looked like for those judges, and she told us, “It’s an extremely long day for our judges that were at the voter service and polling centers. We asked them to be there at 6:00 so they can get everything ready, so the polls can open right at 7 a.m. and they stay there until the last voter that is in line at 7 p.m.”

Sue Smith, one of the ballot judges working the polls at Victory life Church told us things got busy right away. It wasn’t just the rush at the beginning though, she told us, “It was a 13 and a half hour day out there before we balanced and got everything counted and whatever. We didn’t get time, a lunch time. We kind of grazed during the day.”

The pressure has been high. Bantz tells us she’s been inundated with constant calls about the count for district 3’s razor thin congressional race, “National news calling us, CNN and different counties in the state. It was interesting to get calls from down south, an Alamosa newspaper calling us.”

But even with all the bustle, Election Judge Sue felt very confident in the election’s security. She said, “I had one friend who was in the counting, and she took me back there, you know when we had a break. And I got to watch how they sort things and the bins that they go in and stuff, you know, and I feel quite comfortable about our elections in Colorado.” There may still be recounts and some votes still need cured. But through it all be grateful to those still working hard at the polls.