GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) – Kannah Creek’s business brews strong on a sweet 16-year streak. Located on 12th Street and Pinyon Avenue, Founder Jim Jeffryes wanted to give people a place to sit down and enjoy themselves.

After making it the first five years, he knew he’d be in for the ride that would change his life.

“We’re just blessed with that what we’ve done,” Kannah Creek Brewing Company Founder Jim Jeffryes expresses, “We’ve got great help we got a good staff and we keep turning out good product.”

Getting and keeping success takes constant work and progress.

“When this whole adventure started, Jim wanted to take an empty building and make something good of it.,” Cora Dickey reports 16 years later people come in and out filling the place, supporting his dreams, looking for a good time with good food.”

The homemade food and off-the tap brews are just part of what locals and tourists love.

“The mimosa flight is awesome,” Richelle Kaiser shares, visiting from Littleton, “I’m here for the beer,” Husband Troy Kaiser adds.

Customers appreciate and respect what it takes to keep a local business going.

“Being a business owner, a lot of stresses come with it making the clientele happy, customers happy,” Kaiser elaborates, “It’s not the easiest thing in the world to do so showing support for small businesses, compared to the big businesses especially in today’s world is going to be very important in our future.”

What keeps Kannah Creek cranking is the support from community and beyond.

“We couldn’t have done that without loyal customers they also bring in new customers and we really appreciate that,” Jeffryes reflects, “You’ve gotta grow somehow and new people are just wonderful to have.”

The business has 16 years under the belt and branched its brand with Edgewater Brewery. No matter how far or long it goes, Kannah Creek is the forever home.

Kannah Creek’s official anniversary is Monday, October 25 which means the specials, celebration, and throwback dishes will be going on all weekend until then. Sunday’s festivities include music from Morgan Crouse from 3pm-5pm.