GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — As temperatures rise in the Grand Valley this week, keep an extra close eye on your indoor and outdoor pets. Here’s a few tips.

  • Make sure plenty of fresh, cold water is available — enough to hydrate every 15 minutes.
  • Check the temperature of the pavement — too hot for your hand means too hot for a paw.
  • If your dog is panting excessively or seems tired during outdoor play – take a break, since it could be heatstroke.
  • Go out during early morning or evenings, when temperatures are cooler.
  • Never leave a pet in a parked car…even on mild days, temperatures can rise to life-threatening levels fast. Experts say open, shaded areas with water are safer than dog houses.

“I really feel that any signs of heat too much heat exposure, heat exhaustion or heat stroke there really isn’t time to lose cause this can progress quickly so it’s really imperative to get your animal into a cool environment and then get them to a veterinarian or an E.R. veterinarian if you can’t get into your primary vet because they can really provide extremely crucial and timely supportive care,” says Dr. Emily Cross, Director of Publications and Education at the Purina Institute.