Kids fight childhood obesity through “We Can” nutrition program


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo (KREX) – Gaining weight at any age does not just happen overnight. Almost 11 percent of Colorado’s youth ages 10 to 17 are considered obese, according to the State of Childhood Obesity Organization.

Primary Care Partners have a program promoting healthy, long-term lifestyle for families of Mesa County children with weight issues.

“It’s a group, we set goals every week and try to keep it active and eating healthier,” Barbara Zind, MD describes, “Sometimes, when you’re doing it with a group of peers, you stick to those habit changes and it’s a little bit easier.”

Conquering obesity isn’t just about getting exercise, but also about getting the proper nutrition.

“According to licensed nutritionists, sugary snacks slow a kid down as healthy snacks keep them on the go,” Cora Dickey reports.

With an active lifestyle and support from those nearby, a child can do and eat anything with balance and moderation.

“This is our second day and we’re learning how to eat fruits and vegetables….” Newcomer Levi shares, “how to eat healthy food and how to balance out certain foods with exercise,” Wyatt adds.

Kids involved with the program begin to learn how to live and eat healthier from day one.

“If you’re exercising too much and you’re using too much energy and you’re not eating enough it will be harder,” Ben learns, “You’ll get weak because you can’t exercise and you’re too tired to exercise.”

The “We Can” program promotes healthy habits for people starting at a young age, bringing awareness that childhood obesity can be conquered and prevented one meal at a time.

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