MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KREX) — The Solid Waste Management Division gets funded through the landfill’s tipping fees. The division has to conduct a rate study for current operating expenses and revenues.

“Every five years, we have to do a plan so that we can see all what are our capital needs, what are we gonna need to invest in, in order to be able to continue providing great services to the community,” Jennifer Richardson shares.

Tipping fees are currently at 36 dollars per ton. Fees are recommended to go up at the landfill along with the Hazardous Waste Collection and Organic Materials Composting Facilities.

The cost increase is needed for resources to stay up to date and is going up step-by-step.

“Every year, we’ll go up just incrementally a little bit so, that way, we can meet some of those major capital expenses that we have coming down the line.” Richardson assures.

The biggest change in fees include your trash truck service, yard waste, and major dumps at the compost facility.

“We have to grind that material down,” Richardson mentions, “There’s heavy equipment and there’s a lot of labor involved into making that into a product that we can then compost.”

With the increase, Mesa County Landfill tipping fees remain the lowest on the Western Slope with the most varied and accessible services.

“The majority of our residents shouldn’t feel too much of an impact if they are using a trash hauler,” Richardson clarifies, “If you are a business that comes through and you’re bringing loose construction debris that’s a lot more difficult for the landfill to manage it does not compact very well.”

The new fees are scheduled to go into effect on April 1, 2022.

All Mesa County Solid Waste programs are designated under an Enterprise Zone. This means the programs receive zero tax dollars for operations, equipment or personnel.