Antonelli’s advanced automotive hopes to help a member of our community in need by giving them a car. They have a 2005 Ford Escape that they spent time fixing up to be a reliable ride for one local in need. This isn’t a new event either, Antonelli’s has a long history of giving. Dan Antonelli, the owner told us, “I mean even when I was a one-man shop, I would give cars away. People didn’t want to fix them and in my spare time I would fix them up and give them to the church or to somebody you know that would pass by and needed one or something.”

It’s that initial spirit of giving that evolved into his current giveaway. People can nominate a person or a family by written submission –explaining why that person needs or deserves the vehicle. This isn’t an essay contest; they want it short–less than 150 words, but that limit doesn’t limit the impact it can have. Dan told us a success story from past giveaways, “I know there was a single dad who ended up with I think it was his sister’s kids all of a sudden and he didn’t have a big enough car and he was trying to take care of them and work and couldn’t fit it all in, and he got the car one year.” He also told us that over the years he’s given cars to a man who helped other veterans and a woman who helped disabled children, so the impact is real.”

Dan Antonelli has seen the effect that this giveaway can have in people’s lives, but the tradition started out because he didn’t want to be wasteful. He explained, “I had the resources and I hated to send the car to the junkyard so that’s really where it started.”

The time is almost up if you’d like to make a difference. if you know someone in need the deadline to nominate is Friday, September 9th.

Send nominations to or you can even drop them off at the shop at

365 Bonny St,

Grand Junction, CO 81501