GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Thousands of people in Mesa County are having a tough time finding their next meal. Places that help provide food to those in need rely on everyone in the community to help make that happen.

Amanda de Bock, Director of Mesa County Meals on Wheels tells WesternSlopeNow they definitely don’t have enough funding to feed the amount of people who need assistance.

In the last few years, the Mesa County Meals on Wheels waitlist was only about 20 people long. Now there are more than 130 people that are waiting on food.

During the pandemic, federal emergency funds helped Mesa County Meals on Wheels provide food to the elderly and shut-ins. However, the government recently cut those funds by 20%. Donations are the easiest way to help.

At Grand Valley Catholic Outreach, Director of Development and Communications, Beverly Lampley tells WesternSlopeNow, that inflation is making it even harder for those in need to buy everyday essentials.

At GVCO, more and more shelves are running bare but Lampley tells me last month, the center’s small food pantry managed to feed more than 1000 people.

As the holidays approach, Lampley tells WesternSlopeNow that the holiday season puts even more pressure on parents to provide food for their families.

If you’d like to help, below are links to donate to Mesa County Meals on Wheels and Grand Valley Catholic Outreach. You’ll also find a link to information about WesternSlopeNow’s Tackle Hunger Food Drive.