$10.5 million investment in Western Colorado broadband infrastructure

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MONTROSE COUNTY, Colo. – Without affordable access to broadband, Americans cannot fully participate in modern society.

President Biden’s American Jobs Plan prioritizes broadband infrastructure, and aims to reach 100% high-speed broadband coverage across the nation.

Delta Montrose Electric Assocation will use a $10.5 million dollar grant from the USDA’s ‘ReConnect Program’ to improve broadband networks in rural Colorado; an area of the state that has needed sufficient access to high-speed internet for a long time,

“It’s really important for these rural areas to have the same opportunities and accesses that urban areas do,” says DMEA’s Kent Blackwell.

broadband is necessary for Americans in all areas to do their jobs, attend school, receive healthcare, and stay connected,

“This investment will directly improve internet speeds in Western Colorado’s rural area’s – paving the way for other states to use funding for better broadband too,” says KREX5’s Reilly Spence.

Through Senator Michael Bennet’s ‘Bridge Act’, many states across the U.S. will also be able to decide how they want to spend broadband funding – just as the DMEA has gotten to do,

“States and local communities are going to be able to build broadband if they want, and that’s a huge change for the country; usually the money’s gone to the largest telecom companies as I said, and they’ve not spent the money well. I think states and local communities will spend the money extremely well,” says Senator Bennet.

With federal operations like the USDA’s ‘ReConnect Program’ pushing for high-speed broadband across the nation, Delta, Montrose, and Grand Junction communities will be the first of many areas to get closer to reaching 100-percent high speed broadband coverage in the future.

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