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15th Annual Westside Woofers Flyball Tournament

GRAND JUNCTION, CO - Racers came together this weekend to compete at the Mesa County Fairgrounds but we are not talking about humans were talking about our four legged furry friends, dogs.
Dogs from all over Colorado and Wyoming came to Grand Junction for a flyball tournament.
This is the 15th year the Westside Woofers Flyball Tournament takes place in Grand Junction on Labor Day weekend and dogs like Khloe came to have some fun.
Khloe is a fly ball dog, she has competed in this tournament the last three years and she is great at it because of her high energy says her owner.
"Flyball is a really good sport for a really active dogs to get involved in. A lot of really high energy dogs have a really hard time doing a lot of serious obedience," said Christina Wrigth, Khloe's owner.
All dogs can be a part of the tournament but there are some common breads. "I would say the most popular breeds are border collies and now border collie mixes are now making for amazing flyball dogs, " said Cathy Stampe, Tournament Director, Westside Woofers Flyball.
Khloe, is neither of them says Wrigth, "She's an english springer spaniel, it's a hunting dog. She's got a really high prey drive, she likes to chase a lot of things and she loves to play fetch. One of the harder things about training a hunting dog is to be able to do this sport you have to get them from running after everything else that is moving."
Which is something Khloe has been well trained in, but what exactly is flyball? 
"Flyball has four dogs per team. It's a relay race, they go over four hurdles jump on a box, which then triggers a ball. The dog has to catch the ball and go back over the four jumps and in the process try to do a very close pass, " said Stampe.
And, this something Khloe has excelled in, "We've actually trained her really well to be able to go down and get the ball from the box and then get the ball that is in my hand. I've actually got a second color ball so that she follows to come back towards me," said Wrigth.
Dog owners say it takes about six months to a year to train a dog for this sport but they definitely recommended. 
"It's a lot of fun just as far as the working relationship between you and your dog. I think it's probably one of the greatest parts about it. You get to have a really different working relationship with your dog versus just a family pet," said Wrigth.
To train your dog for flyball owners say it's relatively cheap for compared to other dog sports.

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