GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — The Murder trial of Brian Cohee II drew another step closer Thursday. Motion Hearings took place in Judge Richard Gurley’s court. The big topic in the morning’s session was body camera footage.

In fact, the Mesa County Sheriff’s deputy who’s footage was submitted to the court, only was given his camera three hours before it was used to capture the moment he made contact with Brian Cohee. That interaction was shown in court. It featured the residence the remains were found in, as well as family members of Brian, and the accused himself. A surprisingly short interaction in which Cohee admitted he had committed a murder with a knife. when asked why, a cold reply. “I wondered what murder felt like.”

The prosecution also showed video of an interaction with a GJPD officer who responded to the scene of an accident where Cohee got his car stuck in the Colorado River at the Blue Heron Boat Ramp. prosecutors will argue this was the scene where Cohee was disposing of Warren Barnes body.

The last part of the morning’s session, was an introduction of Mesa County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Pete Burg. The investigator who conducted an interview with Cohee shortly after he was taken into custody.

Cohee has already plead not guilty by reason of insanity. The Jury trial is slated to begin in mid-January.