GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — The House’s emergency shelter is one of many ways Karis Inc. cares. Whether they’re runaways or experiencing homelessness, youth can have their needs met to have a better life in a place they can call home.

Karis Program Director Rebekah Feigh is proud to share that the turnaround rate of youth finding safe and stable housing stands at 100 percent.

“At six and nine months after discharge, at least 85% of those youth were still at stably housed,” Karis Program Director Rebekah Feigh shares, “Many youth from our other programs also enter into safe and stable housing and inter into mentorships find jobs and it’s been really amazing to see all the good stuff happening.”

Ongoing positive connections can’t happen without the help of volunteers. Positive Outreach Development groups happen so residents can express feelings through things like art, cooking, and LGBTQ+ pride.

Youth still find meaning in education and employment, despite multiple staffing changes.

“John Mok-Lammé, who was our cofounder, and has been our executive director since the beginning, has recently relocated to Hong Kong,” Feigh shares, “We also have a board member who has stepped into serve as the co-interim executive director and we are actively searching for a new executive director to take the helm here shortly.”

After almost 10 years in service, sustaining someone’s emotional, psychological, and physical well-being remains a goal for The House and its affiliated programs.

Upgrades at Eidsness’ Center for Youth and beyond makes ambitious room for one specific program to make a comeback.

“We’re also working on getting our Host Home program restarted,” Feigh reveals, “That would be taking a youth into your home for up to six months. You would receive services from Karis as well, for the youth, and we would be able to provide a small stipend for you.”

If you’re someone who is either needing help or wanting to be part of the help, Karis would love to hear from you on their 24-hour hotline at (970) 234-7004.

Mok-Lammé is still part of the public charity, just at a limited capacity.