22-Week Abortion Ban on Colorado Ballot

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Colorado is one of the seven states in the country without any restrictions on abortion according to proponents of proposition 115.

“Colorado wants to be known for beautiful mountains, we don’t want to be known for abortions on-demand,” says Giuliana Day, who says she’s a co-sponsor of the initiative.

Day believes this has to change. That’s why she’s asking voters to support prop 115, a ballot measure that would prohibit most abortions after 22 weeks. She believes 22 weeks or almost 5 and a half months, would give women who are pregnant ample time to make important decisions.

“This is one of the dark secrets of Colorado, that many people have no idea that we allow abortions until the very moment of birth. And it’s a tragedy,” says Day.

The bill has one exception. It’s if the life of the mother is at immediate risk. No exceptions would be made for rape, incest, or health risks of the fetus.

“Rape or incest, we’re allowing the woman to decide…. Before the 22 weeks, what to do with her pregnancy,” says Day.

Opponents of the bill believe prop 115 doesn’t leave enough room for more exceptions and would result in unnecessary maternal deaths.

“An anencephaly baby, a baby whose brain doesn’t develop, has a zero percent chance of surviving out of the womb at any age of gestation, and this proposition has no exception for that,” says Dr. James Monaco, a Cardiologist working in the Denver area.

They say many complications in pregnancies are only discovered well into the 3rd trimester. And if the mother’s life is at immediate risk, it could already be too late to save her.

“Let’s say we use the risk scoring systems we have and we decide they have a 40 percent risk of a poor health outcome during pregnancy, which I have seen patients like that,” says Dr. Monaco.
“If you perform that abortion, does that count? Was her life immediately at risk? A doctor who was following the guideline could be stripped of their licensure according to this law.”

As November 3rd draws nearer, proponents are asking voters to protect who they call the most vulnerable population: unborn children.

“We care a lot about humanity, and that’s what’s important,” says Day.

Opponents believe a one size fits all approach is dangerous, and critical healthcare decisions need to be left to doctors and patients, who can treat each unique situation as they see fit.

“At the end of the day, proposition 115 is bad for everyone. It’s bad for mothers, it’s bad for doctors, it’s bad for the health system as a whole and it’s bad for everyone who relies on the health systems in Colorado,” says Dr. Monaco.

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