GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — It’s National Peach Pie Day, but have you ever wondered where those juicy delicacy’s come from? Well, sit back and grab a slice of that warm peach pie and get ready to learn about 5 interesting facts from a local Palisade Peach Farmer.

Bruce Talbott, a local Palisade Peach Farmer who helps run their family owned Talbott Farms.

Talbott Farms started up in the Western slope back in 1907 by Bruce’s grandfather. Then in 1985 Bruce took ownership of the farm with the help from his brother and father. This peach farm reaches 400 acres, farming over 30 varieties of peaches.

This Peach Farm has gone through multiple generations. The Talbott Farms website states, “We are lucky to have our 5th generation of Talbott’s embracing our family traditions and learning the industry.” They are growers, shippers, and packers for their own peaches.

Tired of eating just plain ol’ peaches, at Talbott Farm you can pick up some peach flavored alcohol ranging from cider, wine and many more.

Bruce Talbott shared with Westernslopenow, five interesting facts about peaches to peach up your day.

  1. Peaches originated in China in the wild
  2. A half of them are produced and consumed in China
  3. There are more white peaches then yellow peaches in the world
  4. The life of an orchard is 20 years in the state of Colorado
  5. Colorado produces up to 50-60 varieties of peaches