5 Star Variance Protection Program is Boosting Business at Your Local Bar and Grill

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Mesa County is currently in red level restrictions to keep you safe, but it’s killing the bar business if you’re not 5 star. Katie Smith with Mesa County Public Health says, “Our goal with the 5 Star Program is to reward businesses who are putting in place best practices to be more open and have less restrictions.”

One of those businesses earned the 5 star rating on Tuesday November 23 through the safety inspection done by Mesa County Public Health staff lead by Smith. The recently rewarded business with the 5 Star Variance is the Feisty Pint established in 2018. Owner, Tim Babbitt says, “Freshly new. I didn’t know my second year would be a pandemic.”

Now, during the second wave of Covid-19 infections, local business doors are staying open because they’re keeping the customers healthy, and keeping their glasses full; and it’s keeping the economy healthy. “It’s just a few more things they’re asking us to take care of,” said Babbitt. “Their table top to table top needs to be nine feet apart to ensure when the guests are seated, they’re six feet apart,” said Smith. Babbitt had to pursue the variance to keep his business and his staff going. “If i didn’t have the variance, we wouldn’t be open,” said Babbitt.

Since bar and grills with 5 stars are open, the only problem you might have is which festive drink to pick, but don’t worry. The staff helps with that too, and suggests the Eggnog White Russian. Now, the only question left to answer is, why do they call it the Feisty Pint? Tim answers, “I tell everyone the Feisty Pint is my co-part in crime, and that’s my wife. So, that’s where the name really comes from.”

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