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500-Year-Old Pistol Discovery

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - When reading about history, we often think the facts are set in stone. Yet as it turns out, a new discovery can happen when we least expect it.

The Museums of Western Colorado's Historical Investigations Team is shedding a new light on Spanish Colonial history.

Members recently found a 500 year old pistol-part in the Kannah Creek area right here in Mesa County.

The rifle part, also known as a dog, was once used along with a trigger guard as part of a Spanish wheel lock pistol.

After various tests, museum members found that the piece dates back to the 1500's to 1600's, but it was previously thought that the Spanish didn't arrive here in the Grand Valley until the 1700's.

"You know you have a standard history book, but every time you make a new discovery you change the history. We're continually adding to our history and heritage in this area," said David Bailey, Curator of History at the Museum's of Western Colorado.

The museum will have a new exhibit called New Discoveries that will be open next year. They say it will showcase all the new and different artifacts they've found in the Kannah Creek area.

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