50th Celebration of Earth Day

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April 22nd is Earth Day, and what makes this day particularly special is it’s the 50th anniversary. Quin Molencamp says, “Earth Day is something we can all celebrate. I mean it’s something we can get out and enjoy, and it don’t cost you anything.”

20 million Americans took to the streets a half century ago to address the government for grievances concerning the pollution destroying the environment, also free of charge. That demand for a change led to three environmental laws still going strong today including: The Clean Air Act, The Clean Water Act, and The National Environmental Policy Act.

The half century benchmark makes this Earth Day special, but COVID-19 makes it tricky. The Colorado Stay-At-Home Order is set to expire April 26th, but social distancing will remain in place. You can still enjoy Earth Day, and any other day, during COVID-19 responsibly by keeping your distance while walking the dog. Jodi Price says, “Getting out to this park, which I just randomly kind of found, and I’ve got my dog with me of course, and just do something like that. You know, maybe pick up some trash.

Picking up trash, and recycling are great ways to celebrate Earth Day, but if you don’t want to leave the safety of your home during the pandemic, no problem. There are plenty of activities to do to commemorate Earth Day, inside or in your backyard. You can garden, plant wildflowers to help our local pollinators, or build a birdhouse.

You can also catch the best views of planet earth on your t.v. or go to the Colorado National Monument, it’s free. Nabi Molencamp is originally from Columbia, but glad to be at the Monument in Colorado seeing the sites. Nabi says, “This is incredible for me because it’s my first time in Colorado, my first time in this place, my first time enjoying these beautiful views.”

A two hour dose of nature significantly boosts health, according to The Guardian. You can always take a walk around the block because Earth Day is everyday.

For more information on what you can, or shouldn’t do pertaining to the revised, “Safer at Home” plan, click here: https://www.colorado.gov/governor/news/gov-polis-provides-update-coloradans-state-response-covid-19-0

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