GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — A combined 55 charges for a Grand Junction couple related to juvenile sex crimes allegedly taking place in their home.

Sonia and Robert Adams appeared together during a court hearing at the Mesa County Justice Center Monday, but Sonia was dismissed.

Two hours of testimony followed, covering the Adams daughters and their eight years of living with their stepfather.

Among those who took stand Monday morning was the officer who responded to the children’s call after they realized they were being recorded in the bathroom. He testified that Robert Adams quickly admitted to the allegations, saying he and his wife viewed the videos and told officers she encouraged him.

Law enforcement says Sonia Adams tried hiding the evidence after police were called, but Robert is said to have helped recover the media from a storage cloud.

It is now known that at least four children were recorded inside the Adams’ bathroom.

Also testifying Monday was a detective who conducted an interview with the daughters at the Western Slope Center for Children. He laid out a timeline provided by one of the girls, saying abuse started when one daughter was eight years old and happened so frequently that it became routine.

Robert Adams would allegedly pretend to read a bed-time story and transition into inappropriate contact.

The defense disputed the extent of the abuse, and questioned the interview techniques, saying the detective asked one of the girls six times about the abuse, before anything was alleged.

Also discussed Monday was a text message allegedly from Sonia Adams telling her husband she’s “got some recordings” of her daughters.

When confronted by her daughters, Mrs. Adams initially refused to hand over her phone, finally doing so after roughly an hour– but, by then, there was no media left on the phone.

Sonia Adams will be back in court on January 28th and Robert Adams will be back on February 4th.