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5th Graders Raise Funds Working as Restaurant Staff

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Fifth graders from Pear Park Elementary served guests at Texas Roadhouse to help raise funds to attend a three day stay at Camp Cedaredge.

The restaurant opened it's doors for the day with students working as servers, host and table bussers.

The students sold 500 tickets and 65% of all sales go back into their camping account. School staff says if it wasn't for this fundraiser a lot of the kids wouldn't be able to go on the camping trip.

Students say they enjoyed their roles working as restaurant staff for a day, and were excited to put in some hard work to achieve their goals.

"Serving people, getting people drinks and I'm the host, so I have to get silverware and seat them at seats that are proper for them," said Brayden Cevette, 5th Grader at Pear Park Elementary. 

"It's nice because I like to work for things and because hard work pays off," said Hayden Roswell, 5th Grader at Pear Park Elementary.

"It's a beautiful thing for them to have to earn it, not only with the sales but actually on the day of, we talked about getting stressed out, what they're going to do, and taking a deep breath and prioritizing, so that real life experience for them is just perfect," said Amanda Talley, 5th Grade Teacher at Pear park Elementary.

The fundraiser has made it possible for more than 60 students to attend Camp Cedaredge.

The school says the camping trip allows students to get out in nature, while also learning team building and leadership skills.


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