GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – The Grand Junction Housing Authority gave Linda Littlebeaver an eviction notice on Monday, stating it has reason to believe that her or her guests are engaging in the use of meth.

“It’s frustrating, it’s frightening,” said Linda, a more than 20 year resident of Ratekin Tower.

Linda says her apartment was one of many that tested positive for meth contamination. She didn’t think much of it, because she frequently uses items found in common areas of the building.

“If I see a magazine I want to read, I’ll take it to my room, I could’ve transferred it there so I didn’t say anything,” said Linda.

For the past month Linda’s been displaced, staying at the Residence Inn on Horizon Drive while mitigation takes place at Ratekin Tower. After receiving the notice, Linda visited the GJHA.

“I went down there Tuesday and I said ‘what’s going on?’ I said I don’t use drugs, you know that,” said Linda.

80-year-old Linda says her health won’t allow it, “With all the meds I take, if I took meth it would kill me, it wouldn’t go along with my heart medicine and my high blood pressure and stuff like that, it wouldn’t.”

Linda hopes to prove the housing authority wrong.

“I think this’ll go to court because what they’re saying in the paper and everything, to me, is slander because they’re accusing me of doing something that I wouldn’t do,” said Linda.

Linda is concerned about slander, but said it doesn’t make sense because of her health and her age.

“Not just because of the medicine but because I’m 80 years old! You don’t start at 80 years old taking meth,” said Linda

Linda said her unit was surrounded by drug users, “On each side of me, they had younger two guys and they had proof they had they found paraphernalia and stuff on them.”

Linda hopes the Housing Authority will understand the impact of its decision, “I think that they’re putting money ahead of people, they don’t care about any of us, and that’s frightening.”