81st Habitat for Humanity Home Dedication Ceremony

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There may be no sweeter sound than the doorbell, and no better smell than a brand new family home. Habitat for Humanity is throwing a dedication ceremony for the 81st home built by volunteers working alongside the home owner. Elizabeth Evans is that homeowner. “It’s very exciting! It’s obviously kind of hard times right now, but it’s really nice to have the financial security that a home brings,” says Evans.

Habitat for Humanity is handing over the keys in a dedication ceremony on Friday, July 24, and the non-profit organization turned into a loan originator and into a mortgage broker in one day.

Minde Harper is on the Habitat Board and has partnered with Elizabeth from the very beginning of the process. “It’s almost indescribable. You’re helping a family that, in a traditional scenario wouldn’t be able to be a home owner, and here she is a home owner as a single mom with three kids. It’s amazing,” says Harper.

This single mother of three will pay a zero interest mortgage for years to come, and you can do it too. Evans says, “It’s hard to get ahead now a days with the finances, and stuff like that. The way they are. So, Habitat is definitely for everyday people.”

COVID-19 may have closed many doors, but Habitat for Humanity has opened a window. Alexa Gutierrez is Elizabeth’s daughter, and is enjoying her brand new room, and life. Alexa says, “I knew it had a window here, and I enjoy looking out, and seeing the world.”

The future looks ever so bright for the seven year old and youngest of three, but she’s most thankful for her hardworking mother that’s provided the roof over their heads. “My mom worked so hard on this house, and just all the time and effort she put in the house. It just makes me feel good, ” says Alexa.

House number 82 is on the agenda for Habitat for Humanity, but for this family, the foundation for a new life is just beginning. Alexa says, “I love you mom!” “Oh, I love you too pumpkin! You’re going to make me cry,” says Elizabeth.

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