The 8th Annual Hemp History Week is taking place June 5-11, and a local hemp farmer has received the honor of featured farmer of the year from Hemp History Week. 

Margaret MacKenzie is the first female hemp farmer to receive this award for her work at Salt Creek Ranch. “I’m grateful for the opportunity, but I also have to say, that I have a lot of amazing role models. I’m definitely not the first female hemp farmer,” says MacKenzie.

As of April 2017, 31 states have removed barriers to the production of industrial hemp. Colorado is one of those states. Many hemp farmers say they would like the federal government to recognize hemp as an agricultural crop. Officials say this will allow all farmers access to the market for sustainable hemp. “Don’t be discouraged getting into a new industry… it can be made easier, that’s why we’re doing things like modifying equipment and holding meetings and events to try and get as much information out there as possible,” says Aaron Rydell, one of the hemp farmers at Salt Creek Ranch. 

Salt Creek Ranch officials say they hope this hemp industry does begin to grow. “I hope our dreams come true and that this really does become the industry that we think it’s going to,” says Fran MacKenzie, the owner and manager of Salt Creek Ranch. 

To celebrate Hemp History Week, there is an event at Lincoln Park in Grand Junction on Monday, June 4, from 4 to 6 P.M. There will be free samples and any questions about hemp farming can be answered there. The public is encouraged to attend by the officials at Salt Creek Ranch. 

Later in the summer, there will be a celebration in Collbran called “Hemp on the Slope” on July 22. 

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