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A Howling Discussion

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - One local organization is taking a step towards making sure the public knows about the dangers wolves can cause if reintroduced into Colorado.

Saturday afternoon BigGame Forever, also known as BGF, held a symposium to alert people that nearby states have already seen an increase in wolf sightings and the potential of them coming back into Colorado.

Alongside some panelists, the organization showed what could happen to livestock and farmers if wolves entered back into the area.

"A sheep company out in Idaho lost a 170 sheep in one-night to wolves. If you look at the economic impact to that sheep herder, that's huge," said Denny Behrens, Colorado State Coordinator for BGF.  

Which Colorado State Senator Ray Scott said can be detrimental to our current habitat.

"Our elk populations are down, our deer populations are down and that's very concerning."

Organizers also said the dangers can extend to people.

"A disease called the hydatid disease --that disease is fatal to humans, livestock, pets and wildlife," said Behrens.

While the idea of bringing back wolves into Colorado can be a possibility, the BigGame Forever organization said seeing wildlife won't stand a chance.

"If the wolf comes in here and it is introduced in 20 years, you can kiss it good-bye."

According to BGF, Rocky Mountain Wolf Projects and the Ted Turner Endangered Species Foundation has told Colorado Parks and Wildlife they are pushing for a ballot initiative in 2020 to introduce wolves into Colorado. BigGame Forever wants people to know about the consequences before anyone makes a decision.

KREX 5 News reached out to the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project for comment and have not received a response yet.

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