Monday afternoon Jaime Garcia, an 11 year old who is suffering from a rare disease, was granted his wish to cruise around in a monster truck which has been his longtime dream.

Garcia is a 6th grader with Grand Mesa Middle School, but physically and mentally is behind the rest of his classmates.

Since second grade he has been living with Juvenile Huntington Disease, a progressive disorder causing the breakdown of brain cells in certain areas of the brain.

While struggling with this disease, those those close to him said there has been one thing in his life remaining constant, his love for monster trucks, which encouraged his previous teachers with Nisley Elementary School to organize his ride of a lifetime.

“I know the last couple of days he’s woken up and woken up and said is today the day, is today the day, and today was the day for him it was really exciting” said Shea Robison, an ESL teacher with Nisley Elementary.

After his ride, Garcia was also treated to lunch at the Palisade Brewing Company along with a toy monster truck.