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A New Chapter for Crystal Books

Grand Junction, Colo. - Anyone who has ever been to Crystal Books and Gifts doesn't need long to notice it's not your average book store.

It's been a home for over 30 years to those who look beyond traditional information. But now owner Cheryl Lucas will be heading down a new path in life, retirement.

For Lucas, the reason to move on from her store was simple,

Having an exciting future doesn't change how she feels about the hole she knows she will be leaving on Grand Junction's Main Street and what Crystal Books provided her customers.

"This was a place of safe haven for me, that I could come in and I could be myself and be happy and that's gonna be hard to replace to be honest," said Lucas.

When you provide a niche place like Crystal Books for people for so long, it changes how you see your clientele.
"Your customers are no longer customers, they're friends," Lucas added.

Leaving on her own terms after 50 years in retail, Cheryl feels the positive energy from her patrons.

"Everyone that's come in, comes in with a sad face and they say I'm happy for you, but I will miss the store," she said.

Crystal Books is currently having a retirement sale and plans to stay in operation until they have sold all of their products.

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