A new winery creates buzz in Palisade

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Palisade, Colo — Sip, sip, hooray. A new local hotspot, called The Ordinary Fellow Winery, just found a new home in the Grand Valley.

This isn’t the first business on this acreage to call Peach Avenue home.

The property’s roots stretch back to the 1920s.

Priscilla Walker, with Palisade Historical Society, says, “it was a warehouse for a bakery for a while, it’s been empty for a while, so it’s wonderful to have it back in use and the history preserved.”

This building was the central hub for Palisade fruit growers for many years because the railroad tracks run right next to the building.

Walker also says, “this building from 1977 was still shipping hundreds of thousands of boxed cars of semi-trucks full of peaches until at least 2002.”

Peaches weren’t the only fruit that shaped the town of Palisade, grapes did too.

Walker added, “the high school ag teacher encouraged five growers to plant wine grapes instead, so that was really where the wine industry started in Palisade.”

The United Fruit Growers Association once stood at 202 Peach Avenue for 80 years, but now it has a new name, new ownership, and a new beginning.

Ben Parsons, the owner of The Ordinary Fellow Winery, says, “I like to take this space, which is really in the heart of Palisade, next to the Palisade Brewery, next to the distillery, like this kind of entertainment district and revitalize an old building, give it life again and showcase the wines that I’ve made.”

Next time you’re craving a new sweet taste, you might just consider a new drink with a twist of history from The Ordinary Fellow Winey.

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