The city is putting up big incentives to build ADUs or accessory dwelling units.  The goal is to make it easier for homeowners to create affordable housing options.

The application process will likely be quick and easy, most likely done in tandem with planning clearance.

The city will take off 9,500 in building fees, and also give up to 15,000 in total capped incentives if builders live on-site and rent the ADU as a long-term rental for at least five years after it’s built.

Building codes are the same as always, and as for size homeowners can add an ADU with square footage ranging anywhere from 300 up to 900 square feet but 900 is the max.  You can build an attached or detached unit.

Finally, if you’re interested you must commit and meet the deadline or lose the incentives.

The final product is something that will help locals find an affordable place to live and give homeowners a way to make extra cash.   The city will start taking applications sometime in the next couple of weeks.