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Aden Lake Teaches Us to "Never Give Up!"

The Story of a 7-Year-Old Who Fought Through his Heart Transplant

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Meet Aden Lake, he's the Grand Junction Tigers' biggest fan and now he gets to be on the team for the Tigers' last game of the season.

Along with leading the coin toss, he's going home with a signed jersey and helmet, GJHS backpack, and his very own locker at the school.

"Oh, this is just the highlight of his life, the highlight of his life! He has talked about it every day and this morning he woke up at 7 o' clock saying 'Come on! Come on! Come on! Let's go, we've got to get to the team", says Sally Mahle, Aden's Grandmother.

Aden took inspiration from his favorite team, and in his fight for a successful heart transplant, he never gave up.

"Basically he is an encourager of many, many kinds. He's made it through many hurdles in his life", says Mahle.

Aden was also able to travel with the team Saturday morning.

He joined them in the locker room during half-time to go over the game plan and adjustments.

"According to medical opinions he wasn't even supposed to be here after the age of five, but here he is and he's living proof that determination can help", says Mahle.

We spoke with the man of the hour about his big day and he told us about his most unforgettable experiences, including his favorite GJHS cheer.

"I got to go into the locker room. One, we are the Tigers! Two, we're living loud! Three, I still can't hear you! More! More! More! More, and one", excitedly chanted Aden.

It just goes to show that like the football players on the field; you can never give up.

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