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Adolescence Suicide Study May Take Place in Grand Junction

A leading researcher in adolescent suicide visited Grand Junction, which could be the location for her latest study. 
“This area has a disproportionate high suicide rate which is perhaps one reason that I feel like this might be a good place for me to do work, I might have something to offer,” says Dr. Anna Mueller, Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago.  “Suicide does in fact have social roots and if we don’t consider some of these root causes, the psychological pain and the emotional distress that can actually escalate them into vulnerability to suicide and even suicide death.”
Those root causes include having a narrow idea of what the ideal kid is, a mental health sigma, and needing schools play more of a role in mental health services.
Mueller also says parents should talk to their children about suicide, and to also be ready for their answer.  “If they happen to disclose that they are feeling suicidal you have to kinda be prepared to respond kindly and calmly and not just freak out,” says Mueller. 
Mueller doesn’t have a date set for her study, and also plans to visit other cities that could be potential spots for her study. 

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