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Allgood News: Grand Junction Rocks!

You've got to give it away to get it! And that's exactly what Grand Junction Rocks is all about. They take a lifeless rock and bring it alive with art and then? They leave it in a semi-conspicuous place somewhere around the Valley. The messages are simple, positive, uplifting or just funny. Here is Grand Junction Rocks Allgood News Story! 


Kathy Morgan started the group and she says their motto? "It's a rock...get over it." The Facebook page has grown and is growing as people realize that somehow giving is very therapeutic. Many members say the painting of the rocks is relaxing and addicting. AND although most members are not artists, they are cutting  their painting chops on the flat rocks and say they 'love it!"

Some of the placed rocks find their way back to the Facebook page...but Kathy says most? Go quietly into the night doing their job...making people smile and wonder. 


If you'd like to know more about Grand Junction Rocks: Please visit their Facebook Page:

' Grand Junction Rocks '



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